I went through a hard time getting diagnosed. I was 21 when my menstrual problems started . I gained quite a bit of weight in very little time. Doctor of no help. Just told me to take bc pills. Oh, and not to worry and exercise more. Seen a few doctors after that. One said oh, when your ready or want to

get pregnant come back we’ll start you on meds. I asked why? Gave no reason. that was the end of that. Kept on searching for an ob/gyn. I was seeing another one, when it was time for my yearly she was on vacation. So, I saw him never went back to her. He helped me go on my path to getting diagnosed. Took two years to get pregnant. Trying to lose weight currently walk an hour a day.

Planning to start a low-glycemic eating plan. Hope that helps since nothing has helped me to lose the 100+ lbs. I need to lose. Metformin helps but then I get stuck. Tired of being on the pill forever. Sorry for my rambling. HOpe this works. It’s been 17 years of problems. Luckily I do have my bratty triplets. Thank God for that. Wish everyone the best of luck.

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