I have suffered from PCOS for as long as i can remember!

I never had any regular periods so was on the pill from the age of fourteen to regulate me and one of my earliest memories was my “best friend” handing me a razor and telling me to use it on my face as i have nearly always had dark hair on my upper lip not to mention starting my periods and having a large chest from the age of ten.

I am obese and the doctors tell me i need to lose 4 stone but never advise how i can do that!

I was on Dianette then the doctor gave me a non PCOS pill and i put on one stone in a month (while going to the gym 4 times a week) so when i went back they gave me another one so lets see! When i mentioned the weight loss he said – are you sure??? He also wanted me to come back in a month to look at the weight gain and then he would refer me to to a specialist…AGAIN……FOR THE THIRD TIME!!! I mean wot a question!

I also asked to go back on Metformin and his responce was that he didnt want to give it to me it would need to be a specialist! Going round in circles here!!! Do they not realise how horrible it is to be overweight and not be able to do a thing about it?

I hate the way i look and the fact that i am obese with excess hair! Luckily i had laser treatment on my upper lip so that is gone but i have extra hair everywhere else.

I am getting married in August 2011 to a wonderful man and i dont want to have all this hair and fat!!!!!!! He is wonderful and loves me and the one thing that i want to give him is children and i am soooo scared i cant!

It just sometimes feels hopeless and i feel sooooo alone!!!!!!

Thank you all in advance i feel alot better

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