I have been diagnosed with PCOS for around 8 yrs. I have all the symtoms. But I have been blessed with regular periods and the ability to ovulate.

After numerous miscarriages and an eptopic pregnancy I conceived my daughter naturally. I had just been prescribed metformin but luckily hadnt taken any. My daughter is now 4 months and I am considering my options. Should I start hormonal contraceptive or not. Its a catch 22 situation. If in the future I want to try for another child then I will need to deal with all the symtoms coming back again and I remember the first time I came off the pill and I didnt know what was happening to me. But I do need to use contraception and I do need something for my skin and hair growth.

I have started to take the metformin today so I am thinking I should see if it helps and then consider an IUD. Any thoughts?

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