My Life In Denial Of PCOS

i was diagonised with pcos when i was a freshmen in highschool i am now 19 years old.

ever since i was diagnoised it has never left my mind.although im in college and dont want children right now i do want them later in life!!.i LOVE KIDS and cant believe that this dumb pcos might take thataway from me.when i was diagnosed i pretty much ignored the fact that i infact do have PCOS!.

i was prescribed with metformin to regulate my insulin levels and medroxyprogestrone to get a period.when i was taking metformin i was in hell.i had such a bad time with it always feeling like i needed to throw i stoped taking them despite my mom telling me to take them i wouldnt.

now im in college and i am realizeing i gotta get a handle on this because dspite me ignoring this problem it has nor will never go away!.went for a yearly physical my results came back that my insulin levels are normal.i dont have any excess facial hair.i do have a gut but not a big one just about 10-20 pounds i need to loose.i still dont get my period on my own still im relying on medroxyprogestrone to bring me a period every month.

im about to start metformin next week hopefully this time it wont be so bad with the side effects.

i do have some questions for anyone who is willing to help me out.

does medroxyprogestrone cause ovulation? if not how am i getting a period if i am not ovulating?
does metformin help you ovulate? and if so how does it make you ovulate?
if my insulin levels are normal why am i not getting my period without the help of drugs?
and because my insulin levels are normal do i have a better chance of conceiving when i am ready to have children?

thank you!!!

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