If you are trying to make sense of the subject, let me clarify.

I’m sure most of you, like me, feel that dealing with PCOS on a daily basis is your life. Especially when every morsel you eat means unwanted pounds and every missed period means more pounds, more hair loss/growth, more acne, and wicked mood swings. I know how hard it is to wake up some mornings (or every morning) and look at someone in the mirror you don’t like. Someone, who ‘outside’ your efforts has become you.

The one thing I have learned through my current homeopathic practitioner is that I am a happy, active, exuberant person ‘outside’ my life with PCOS. And the follow is the story of how I got there.

I had irregular periods since my first menses at 12. When I got my period I was maybe only 10 lbs overweight, nothing extreme, but i noticed over the years although I was active in school sport teams and eating the same as I was before I was putting on a lot of weight. Like most of us cysters the reaction of my parents, predominatly my mom was that I needed to lose weight. My doctor agreed and said my irregular periods and acne and rather thick hair growth was ‘puberty’.

{I think too often is PCOS miss diagnosed as ‘puberty’ without any doubt. But can you blame them? This is why I am totally behind kat in saying that there has to be more awarness of PCOS!!!}

When I was 16 I missed my periods for 6 months and my mom (she acted on my behalf for a long time, I was scared to do it on my own, and frankly if something didn’t work or went wrong it was easier to blame it on someone else, but thats all changed) convinced my family doctor to send me to a gyno. He said there’s nothing to worry about wait another 6 months. A YEAR BEFORE HE’D EVEN THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG – GIVE ME A BREAK.

So we (mom and I) asked my family doctor to refer us to someone else. We were, an endocrinologist, and she told me I have a ‘hormone imbalance’, which is what PCOS is (basically) but at 16 how was I supposed to know, neither I or my mother knew of PCOS and so never researched for ourselves and blindly accepted everything the doctor told us and gave/suggested as remedies.

So I was put on BCP, and given other hormonal meds. I was getting my periods (which now I’ve learned were from the hormones in the BCP and not from those my body ‘would’ produce) but was still struggling with the acne, the weight gain, the hair etc. But to my dismay my blood tests would always come back normal, I realise now that they would be normal because of the meds that were in my system and not because my body was producing normal amounts.

After 4 years (16-20) with this endo. i finally smarted up and decided that I’d go off the BCP and go see a doctor who practices alternative medication/treatments. The doctor (Dr.P) is the first to tell me that I have PCOS, I was so greatful for that. The relief of finally knowing theres a name to all this madness and i’m not going crazy was enormous. Dr.P is an gyn/ob who practices alternative/natural remedies and also work with Dr. M who is a homeopathic practitioner. Through Dr. P I’m taking prometrium and various vitamins.

Dr. M, well he is the one who made me realise that I do have a ‘life outside of my life’ with PCOS. With him I’ve been taking a variety of remedies….mostly trial and error. What my baody responds to and and what is doesn’t. The remedies I’m currently on seem to be working well. Homeopathic/natural/alternative rememdies do take longer to ‘kick in’ because they are natural.

I have no successful stories that pertain to weight loss and maintenance, clearing up of acne and hair growth/loss, or a consistant cycle. The weight loss has been up and down, I actually haven’t gained at all since I began seeing Dr.P and Dr.M but it hasn’t gone off either. The acne has its ups and downs and my period, well I have my months. Actually I just got my period today after 5 months!! ya for me!!

My success story to date is the fact that I’ve learned to take control of my life in all situations not only in this one. I’m about to complete my fourth and final year studying architecture which I’ve dreamed of all my life. I’ve got a great job working with an architect that wants to teach me everything I need to know. I’ve got a great family, and great friends.

Overall the biggest thing I’ve been able to accomplish was not shying away from what I want because I wasn’t confident in my appearance (due to excess weight/acne etc.), learning that I can dress and accesorize stylishy and look awesome not matter what size i’m wearing (its all in the attitude) and also that being ‘selfish’ and making myself happy is the most important thing. This may sound somewhat cruel but its true, everyone takes care of themselves in this world and if you don’t start taking care and doing things for yourself in this world you’ll be burtally stepped on.

A word of advice/encouragement/motivation:
Don’t put your life in the hands of anyone. You live it every day not them. No one knows how to do your ‘job’ better than you. Take advice and guidance but not orders.

Hope you can learn from my experience and I’m looking forward to learning from your experiences as well.


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