Here is my story—

I was diagnosed at 23 years old with high levels of testrone (not PCOS,yet). I was suffering from migranes,sevre cramps and nuasea with my cycle,lacating(not pg), on a weight roller coaster, and slowly becoming depressed and overly fatigued. I moved back to Texas from out-of-state –and things hit rock bottom.

My weight hit it’s all time highest (182 pounds)–my emtions unstable. I went to an Internal Endo.–who wasn’t honest with me. He didn’t tell me–that he couldn’t handle my case. I figured it out on my own after a year–of getting worse all around. Gained 40 lbs in a year–and that was eatting semi-bad. I returned to my Reproductive Endo./Ob/Gyn/Infetrility Spec.–he diagnosed me at 27 years old with PCOS.

It seems I had the less common signs–and I was just starting to show others. I have PCOS and am IR. Now, three years later–26 pounds lighter–I feel back in control. My emtions have been stable, my weight loss is due to medication, dieticain and a personnal trainer. I currently weigh 153 pounds and have 15 pounds more to lose until I reach my goal. My IR is better due to being fit!

Family and friends notice my changes and give postivie feedback these days! Best of all I feel great—and I have a potiential serious realtionship with a guy. I referr everyone to my RE,trainer, dietician and speak openly about PCOS to anyone willing to listen!

Want to connect with me? My name is ahanak on the SoulCysters Message Board.