I had always suspected that I had PCOS, but I never had a formal diagnosis. I had a 60 lb weight gain, facial hair, no AF’s, and the dark spots under my breasts and behind my neck.

We started ttc July 06. We went the natural route, bbt’s, opk’s, vitex, and ovulex. Nothing worked. No O, and no AF. I went to my dr Dec 06 and got a formal diagnosis. She handed me a script for provera and clomid and sent me on my way. From Jan 07 to Oct 07 we did 6 cycles of clomid from 50mg to 200mg, and nothing happened. I went back to my dr, frustrated and concerned.

She told me I could try changing my diet and exercising and that might jump start my fertility. No way, I thought. That doesn’t work for me. Or, she said, I could go to an RE for more aggressive meds like injections. The choice was mine. Guess which one I chose? Right. I chose the RE and injections. At that point we had already been trying for almost a year, and I didn’t want to wait any longer.

We went to an RE who came highly recommended to us. I ended up leaving in tears because she would not even prescribe meds to me until I had been on metformin at least 2 months and had dropped some weight. I didn’t understand. How could weight be such a big issue? I had seen women twice my size pregnant and delivering healthy babies.

We found a more “aggressive” RE who jumped headfirst into injections. Because of my PCOS, my RE put me on a “low and slow” protocol to keep me from overstimming. Well I stimmed for 19 days and the price of meds drove the cost of the cycle up. We did our first cycle Dec 07, and got the BFN and the realization that we had spent $4200 on one cycle in Jan 08. We recouped emotionally and financially and tried again June 08. I ended up producing too many follies, my e2 was too high, and they cancelled my cycle. $2000 down the tubes, and not to mention the disappointment and heartache.

I finally decided I was done with PCOS. PCOS had taken so much from me at that point, and it was time for me to take something back. August of 08 I changed my diet to low gi, started exercising, and taking supplements. TTC was no longer on my mind. No longer would I spend hours pouring over opk and hpt photos and reading ttc related things. I replaced that with spending time researching and reading articles on how to heal my body through diet and exercise. I was feeling good, and losing weight.

December 5, 2008, AF showed up. All by herself. Just one day, she was here. That hadn’t happened to me without meds in years. I celebrated the small victory, but didn’t expect for the cycle to be ovulatory. On CD 13 (this is in hindsight now, as I was not counting CD’s) I had tons of EWCM. Not the kind that you have to manually check for, I mean tons of it each time I went to the bathroom.

I figured my body was trying to O, but wouldn’t actually complete the process. Well, about a week after that, DH made a comment about not having to turn the heater on because lately I had been super hot at night. I thought, hmmmm.

The only time he had ever said that was when I was on progesterone last year. I set my alarm to temp the next day. 98.something. The next several days I got the same thing. 98’s are ovulatory temps for me. I was excited and wondering when it had happened. This was great news for me! I had O’d by myself!! A few days later, the day after Christmas, I started feeling nauseated and ended up tossing my cookies.

I thought maybe I had gotten sick from eating too many carbs. Fast forward to this morning. I had a dream that I had taken a test and gotten a BFN. In the dream I kept checking the test to make sure it was neg. A sad scene. I got up, went to the restroom and went back to sleep. I woke up 45 minutes later and felt the urge to test.

I guess I just wanted to see the BFN and get it over with. I POAS, left the restroom, and came back in 3 minutes. BFP! I couldn’t believe it! I took another one 10 minutes later. Another BFP! I think I’m about 12 DPO. I am overjoyed! This is the best feeling in the world. Beta results 23. I go back in December 31st. Praying for good results.

Moral to my story, if all else fails, heal your body first. Change your diet, exercise, take your supplements. I’m not against meds by any means, but I think too often we get impatient and take what we think is the easy way out when we should get ourselves healthy first.

Now I’m not sure how this all will end, but I’m here now. I will just enjoy this moment!

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