I guess I will work backwards and my journey hasn’t be very long so far. I was diagnosed on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 by ultrasound and blood test, showing cyst on my ovaries and elevated testosterone. I was sent home with pamphlets on various progesterone only methods of birth control.

I have a history of migraines and was previously on the mirena IUD and had a horrible reaction. This made me very hesitant to try another method to control the PCOS that has hormones. The only option that did not have hormone I could not afford. So I managed to convince my doctor to prescribe me metformin after doing some research and choosing it.

The road to get to the PCOS diagnosis started in December 2009. I was having severe migraines and went to see my neurologist. She was the first doctor to mention the possibility of me having PCOS. She sent me to my OB, who removed my mirena, as my complaint was my migraine, and she did some blood test, but they were inconclusive as they were done the same day the mirena was removed.

Fast forward to Summer 2010, I was still not regular and still had horrible facial hair that seemed to be getting worse by the day. My acne was dismissed as just me being 23 and my weight gain was dismissed as other medication. But at my regular check up my PCP said that I might have PCOS.

The next week I went to the OB. She ran more test and then I came back. And that is where I started this story. I don’t know what will happen now, and I wish I had more information, but I feel like the more research I do the more of the same I find and the more I get confused. So that’s my story as of now. Maybe it can help someone later.

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