My ex Dh and I weren’t trying to get pg when we got the news late 1999.

My pg was uneventful until I started to have an odd discharge at 21 weeks. My water broke a few days later and I delivered a baby boy who survived for a few hours. I was completely devastated to say the least, and it turns out I had an infection which led to the pre term birth. It was a good year before I came out of the fog and decided to try again. Well months went by and nothing happened. We got a referral to an RE only to find out that I had PCOS.

Tried Clomid, metformin, and bromocriptine and got pg right away, only to have mc at 6 weeks. Less than a year later an opportunity came for us to adopt a child, which we did and our beautiful daughter is nearly 8 years old! Had an HSG in early 2004, got pg a few months later (naturally) only to have a horrible mc at 12 weeks (also the result of an infection), during which I nearly bled to death and subsequently had a D&C. DH and I seperated in 2005, and I have since met the absolute love of my life!

I lost nearly 40 pounds and had AF like clockwork for 4 years. I have since gained back some weight and AF has dissapeared again. My Dh had a vasectomy in 2000 and we of course want to have a baby. Went to my RE yesterday to talk about ICSI, and am very excited to find out this is definately an option for us! We are looking into a private clinic in Vancouver, B.C. and hoping to have our consultation in May. I start prometrium today to bring on AF and need to have a SIS done soon after.

I am feeling very positive about everything and now just need to lose the extra weight I have gained in the last while so that I can go into this ICSI procedure as healthy as possible. It is so nice to find a forum where so many other people can relate to my specific fertility issues

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