My name is Aisha and live in the USVI. I first got my period at age 14. I felt that was quite late because the other female members in my family got theirs quite early. I knew that something was a little wrong when it didn’t return until a year later.

Before I even go there, even though I didn’t get my period very early I was quite developed. I was the only girl in the third grade wearing a bra. When I was 16 I went to an OB/GYN because I had an infection. Before he tested me he asked me if there was any possibility that I might be pregnant. I said no. He said how am I so sure. I told him that AF doesn’t visit me that often. He asked how often does she visit. I told him almost never. The Dr. ended up giving me a rx for provera to induce my period.

And antibiotics to treat Bacterial Vaginosis. (I thought it was a yeast infection). Three months later the BV came back. I returned to the doctor. He gave me another rx. He asked me how was AF coming along. I told him that after the provera she came for two weeks and never returned again. He then put me on LO-Ovral. The following fall I went away to college and never refilled my prescription.

For the next two years my period came about every three months. At one point I got my period consecutively for three months. The little hairs on my face that I’ve been trying to hide for about two years began to get very appearant. I moved back home due to financial problems. One Sunday, I was reading a Woman’s Day article and I swore that the woman was describing me. The only difference is that I was not obese. I am not model slim, but I am not fat either. I’m about 10lbs over my ideal body weight.

(Thank God because I do have obese members of my family). I got the address of a website that was listed in the article. I went to the website and was absolutely sure that this was what I had. I made an appt. for the Dr. I went in to her with my article. She ran some tests and two weeks later confirmed my suspicions. She also said that I had chlamydia(UGH!) She gave me a prescription for the chlamydia and the name of a RE in the mainland due to the fact that there’s none in the Virgin Islands. I didn’t mind because I was going back to school that fall.

Two months later I was living in the mainland again. I got an appt. with the RE. He ran some more test including a glucose test. He then referred me to an internist. In my opinion the internist was better at explaining things to me than the RE. He told me that I was insulin resistant and gave me a prescription for metformin 1000mg 2/day. He told me that I had elevated levels of testosterone in my body. He told me to come back in three months and we would run some tests to see how I was reacting to the medicine.

The side effects of that medicine was horrible so I did not take it religiously. I would take it like every 2-3 days. Three months later I went back to the internist. He told me that my testosterone level went down. I told him that I didn’t take the medicine the way I was supposed to. He asked me if I got a period. I told him once. He told me to begin taking the medicine the way I was supposed to. I moved back home again; Fell in love with someone very badly. I got a prescription from the OB/GYN for chlomid. I took three cycles and got very depressed. That’s my very long story to this day.

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