Good Nutrition and Thoughtful Care Make All the Difference

I am 22 yrs old. I had been getting regular periods since the age of sixteen until aged 19. At aged 18 I began taking Yamin birth control. After about ten months on this, I came off as I realised I had put on alot of weight (3st+). I did not have a regular period after this.

My GP sent me for a pelvic ultrasound in Oct 2007 to see if there were any cysts on my ovaries. There were not. She then referred me to have some blood tests and hormone levels checked. From the results of these, she diagnosed PCOS.

She referred me to my local hospital because there is a specialised clinic for PCOS. The doctors here are really good and helpful. THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF!!!! 🙂 They got me to have some more blood and hormone tests, as quite some time had passed since the original ones.

Levels had not changed much. My only obvious symptoms were ammenhorea, excess weight and acne. The doc in the hospital put me on Dianette and Glucophage (500mg twice daily), suggested I attend their Nutritional and Dietary workshop for PCOS and told me to come back for a review in four months.

The workshop was the best thing i did. There was six of us there and between getting advise from the Nutritional Dietician and the other girls I devised my own eating plan. I returned to the hospital after 4 months and I has lost 18 lbs. The doctor and nurses there were delighted with my progress and told me that the only thing more to do is increase glucophage to 3 times per day. I am going back for another review in August and hope to have lost another 14 lbs by then!!

I would love to get pregnant someday. For the moment, I feel I am too young but I worry sometimes that the condition will make it harder to conceive later in life! I see from everyones story that it does vary from person to person but that the sucesses far outweigh the ones who havent achieved it yet, so there is hope!

Loving the site so far and how supportive caring and thoughtful everyone is towards each other!! Keep up the Good work!!!

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