So within the past couple of weeks I discovered I did have PCOS. I have always had irregualr periods and started taking birth control when I was a teen. I took for about 2 years or so and I had been told that I had cysts on my ovaries but it never seemed to serious for a dr. to check for anything to be wrong. my husband and I have been trying to coneive for the past year and a half but it just didnt seem to be working.

So i finally went back to the doctor (for a second time) The first doctor i seen about a year ago put me on provera for my irregular cycles. She did blood tests and said I was borderline PCOS and didnt try to take that any farther. So when I went back last month i seen a different doctor told him we were serious about conceiving and so he ran more tests on me. Which confirmed I did indeed have PCOS.

My husband and I read into and figured out some things that were there but I never paid to much mind to, like I am a bit hairier than some people (but I am part Italian, which Italians are a bit more hairy) and my irregular cycles, and my desperate but frequent craving for sweets. Anways.. i am pretty much scared because I want to be a mommy so bad and I just dont know how I will except it if I can conceive..

We have just started the process of things and on my next cycle I am going to start clomid. i was aware that there are a chance of having twins/triplets (although the chance is only like 3%) that scares me, i am a twin (which apperently makes my chances a little higher) I dont want to put my babies or myself at any time of risk…

Anyways i never really realized how many people have PCOS (which i never heard of until I was told I might have it) but i am thankful for this website so i can express my feelings to ppl who understand and get advice.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this, and I would really appreciate anyones advice who has gone through or is going through the experience of trying to conceive with PCOS.

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