Hi everyone.

I knew years ago that I had PCOS. I have a sister that has it and knew the symptoms and explained the symptoms to me when I was little. When I was a teen my periods were always extremely heavy, and my armpits always had this darker skin then the rest of my body. My father thought it was just an allergy to cedar ( men lol ).

Well I went on with life knowing I had it and I would tell my doctor I believe I have this and he would tell me I was imaging things.

Well here comes my first pregnancy and of course I miscarried. My doctor did nothing to even try to find out why I lost my baby.. just gave me the depo shot and sent me on my way. Well 3 months go by and 80 pounds pop on (I have never ate alot or unhealthy so it was not from diet and had a very active job). I went to another doctor and they told me it was because I liked to many ho ho’s. They put me on Orthotricyclen and send me out the door. Well the ortho made me extremly sick but I finally started to lose some weight ( 4 pounds woo hoo). I stopped taking the pills because of constantly getting sick from them… two months later I find out im pregnant again.

Once I found out I was pregnant again I went to a different doc ( same doctors office) he checked me told me I was fine and that the baby was growing. He put me on restrictions right away ( which meant bye bye job) told me not to even do dishes, no caffeine either all because of the loss of the first baby. Then tells me I have to go see my other doctor for my other prenatal care because he was currently swamped.

I went into my pregnancy this time at 224 pounds. I couldnt eat for 4 months straight the morning sickness was all day long sickness and I still gained weight. Even though my dr put me on meds to hold food down he still accused me of sitting all day and eating. I actually got into a fight with him one visit. Told him I didnt sit all day and eat ho ho’s.

All I could eat at the time as a small bite of a pear ( the only food that I could hold down). I gained 40 pounds in the first four months. Then I had a bump come up on my chest out of no where. Supposedly its a benign cyst that is due to hormones ( or so he said ) that should go away after havig the baby ( almost 6 years later I still have this bump. I had my son, topped the scale at 290 ( before birth) and then leveled out at 276 a few months later.

Ater I had my son I was constantly active, got another job as well. Life was fine untill I started gaining more weight. I started having lots of pain in my abdomenal area and I went to all kinds of doctors and they told me it was probably scar tissue or had to do with my female parts. I went back to my doctor who tld me once again Iw as imagining things.

Well I finally went to the doctor who handled my miscarriage and he told me it was a hernia ( ended up to be 3 instead of one) he then asked if I had endometrosis. Told him I was told I was healthy. He went about his business.. did the surgery.. told me to lose the weight and that was that.

Well 2 years later I have gained more weight after trying exercise and diets. I even tried not eating.. I went 4 days without eating and dindt lose a thing. Thats when I told my husband something was extremely wrong. Well I went toi the doctor this year for an allergic reaction and she told me that she wants me to lose weight.

I then proceeded to tell her my story. I told her I know I have PCOS and I had asked to be tested for it before but the other doctors wouldnt. I told her I try to lose weight.. I hardly ever eat and I still keep gaining weight.

She then did the blood tests and came back told me only thing that was even close to showing signs for PCOS was I had high blood pressure( which I have always had) and a slight elevation in testosterone. She said my level was 52. Then she proceeded to tell me that infact I am healthier then most women my age… I dont even have high cholestorol. She said if anything she could tell from the tests is that I need to eat more. She then sends me to the Endocrynologist.

Dr. P , the endo, told me I have it.. that I am also insulin resistant.. said I have had it since I was a teen ( signaled by the skin discoloration), and that it was the cause of my miscarriage.

By the time I went to Dr. P I was having alot of pains in my abdomen again. He told me it was because my body isnt ovulatiing and that my uterus is to heavy and is falling ( happy happy joy joy). So Dr.P gave me Yaz and Metformin.. this was in May.

I went into the office that day weighing 316 pounds.

In June I went back and I hav lost 11 pounds. I was so proud of myself but not as proud as he was shocked. Told me he couldnt believe I had lost that much so quickly. He then told me to slow down. He didnt want me to lose it too fast then told me to come back in 3 months. Whoops!! I lost too fast.

2 months ago my sugar levels started crashing and he lowered my dose of Metformin. He told me again to slwo down. He said its form me losing too much weight too fast. I have no idea how much I weight now but I do know I have lost some .. my rings almost fall of my fingers daily lol and the pants I wore to his office on the first visit barely stay on me. Also the YAZ OMG its a miracle pill. My heavy gunshot bleeding periods are gone. I barley even have a period now and Im not as moody or depressed anymore. I love Yaz.

I am hoping that I can try and beat PCOS. My parents have apologized to me for never taking me to the doctor when I was a teen. They feel like it is there fault it was never treated. I just told them its life and its getting taken care of now so no worries. My husband and I are shooting for baby number 3 sometime in the future as Dr. P said I should still be able to have another.

So heres to hoping. I go back to see Dr.P on October 7th so I will find out how much I have lost for sure. It finally feels good that after all these years I know what has caused my problems.

If you read this speech you desrve this because good Lord this is long lol.

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