Okay, so here we go, might as well get the whole thing off my chest I suppose.

When I was younger, my period never gave a definite start. It would go for a few weeks, then I wouldn’t see it again for 6 months. This was about 12 when I started. My pediatrician (who misdiagnosed me on several occasions I found out later) said it was just my hormones balancing out and it was normal.

Well…it never balanced out. It would come and go at random. I would have no warning signs as to when it was coming, it was just like a flood. It was embarrassing, especially when the rest of my classmates were normal and didn’t seem to have this “balancing out” problem.

The Dr. finally told me to go to a gynecologist if mom was that concerned…and that was a horribly traumatic experience. I was only 15, still a virgin, the gyny didn’t believe me, said something smart…and it was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. I never knew how someone could go to a gynecologist willingly. Of course I learned later that she ripped and tore things like you would during your “first time”…but I was kind of sheltered and didn’t know much…it just made me worry more. But bottom line she glanced at me and said I was fine.

About 16 it started to be semi-predictable…every 5-6 months, but with HUGE blood clots passing with it too. Cramps like WOAH to follow with them. But I was still told I was normal for my age and I was just making it out to be worse than what it was…so…I dealt with it. My mother insisted the Doctor was right and I was just being whiny to get attention.

Trying to deal with an unhealthy home life (for various reasons) and a doctor that thinks your just a stupid kid, I had plenty of other problems and I left home when I was 18 to live with a boyfriend at the time. Almost a year later…I had the most awful cramps I have ever dealt with. It felt like someone was shoving a red hot iron bar through my ovaries and uterus. I buckled down and went to the ER and they told me I had a UTI.

After taking the meds…I still had a lot of vaginal itching and still with the cramps, though not as strong…so I was told go to the… gynecologist. This one was absolutely wonderful…soft and gentle…and did a pap smear. Over the next month of what seemed like random tests…she diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on birth control to force me to have a period more than twice a year. The only good news she had for me was that I couldn’t have children…I’ve never wanted them…it was good for me.

I balanced out, but got yeast infections constantly. Every time it would be cured…three days later I’d get it again…she told me this was my body getting used to the medication. I was never fat…I was always stick skinny…gaining a little bit of weight, but still skinny…well…not after the birth control.

I had been taking anti-depressants too…and that wasn’t helping my weight issue either. After 3-4 months…I couldn’t take it anymore and quit all the medications. My period went back to what it called normal and I learned to deal with it the best that I could. Losing more than an ounce of fluid every hour at it’s peak for three to four days, and blood clots the size of my palm to little peas.

I’m 25 now, and have done research as to herbal meds, prescriptions, and other problems that I could have been misdiagnosed with. I have more facial hair over the past two years, it’s still mostly fine and soft…so I’m very lucky. I haven’t ballooned out…so I’m lucky…but it still effects every part of my life.

I learned that most PCOS women get diabetes by their 40’s, it causes depression, joint problems…and I cried for days when I found all of that out. Sure it was nice to know, but to know that it was this one problem that nobody really had a cure for. I’ve been taking an herbal list that’s been helping, and forcing myself to get out and exercise.

I haven’t lost a lot of weight…but I’ve lost some and feel loads better no matter loss or not. The herbals have helped my period balance out to every three months…which is what you need to have children…though…I’ve never wanted children so it’s of no difference to me.

And I found one of my best friends through a girl that has the same thing. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one out there…and through the love of my life…who loves me through all the times where my body revolts against me and it’s painful or smelly or awkward or bloody or gross or difficult…he’s there and wants to help. So again…I’ve lucked out a little bit…

Sorry this is so very very long…but this is the first time in YEARS…that I’ve found a group of people that understand. And dealing with it for so long by yourself…I tend to talk when ever I get the chance. Thanks for listening

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