I met dh on a website called interrodate and we started chatting in november 2006, he lived near london and i lived near manchester we decided to meet up in january 2007, he was supposed to stay at mine for the weekend and he ended up staying a week.

I went down to see him in febuary and he took me out for a meal and proposed i said yes. He moved up in april 2007, and we started planning our wedding for originally 2009, but we decided to have it in october 2008 instead cant remember why we changed the date.

As for the pcos i got diagnosed in september 2007, but i had the symptoms for many years before but they never picked up on it.

Me and dh went to the hospital and he got the results same time as me and he has been ever so supportive. Best partner i could ask for. I was put on metformin and was told to go back in september 2008, in that year id lost 2 1/2 stones, but the symptoms were getting worse shaving my face, chest and belly every 3 days.

My hair growth on my face was and still is worse than my husbands, but he’s never minded me shaving in front of him. When we went back in sept 08 the gyny dr said that i cant concieve on my own and that he didnt want to see me in his office again until id lost 6 stone.

I learned about clomid through this site in january this year and went 2 my gp blagged his head and he gave me some. Did 2 cycles of clomid 50mg and concieved (proved the gyny wrong !!!!) Unfortunatly our little bean ended in m/c last month. But im waiting for af to show and then im on clomid again and determined to be pregnant by decmber 2009.

Sorry for my long story.

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