Well when I was about 12 I was diagnosed by a endo with Thyroid problems, I was on synthroid forever.

I have always been over weight but when I was around 17 I lost quite a bit of weight ( I think it was because I was partying a little to much, lol) I actually got preggo at 18 no problem on accident but had to terminate the preganacy due to some personal and lifestyle issues (I regret it everyday now that I have been trying with no sucess, sometimes I feel like that mightve been my only chance and I blew it because I was young and dumb)

When I was 20 I started packing the pounds back on and thought it was my thyroid again (Hadnt been taking the synthroid for a couple of yrs) Went back to the same endo that had diagnosed me years ago and I was told I had been misdiagnosed and really had PCOS. I went to my gyno who confirmed it and put me on BCP.

I have consistantly gained weight every year after that untill about 2 yrs ago I was at a doctor for a cold who recommended I talked to my gyno about Metformin, I had know idea about it! I ended up going to Dr. Allon here in Houston who is a specialist for PCOS and he put me on 2000 mg of metformin and BCP (we werent trying to concieve then) well the met made me so sick I stopped taking it after 3 months of torture (I used to call myself the poop queen)

In January this yr I went back to my regular gyno just cause she is close to my house where Dr. Allon was quite a bit of a drive, well she told me no need to take 2000 mg try 1500 mg of the met. So about 3 months ago i stopped taking BCP after about a month I noticed I wasnt ovulating, couldnve still been the BCP in my system but I went ahead and upped it to 2,000 mg and I started using the OPK’s this month and I had a LH surge, dont know if it was O’ing or not but it was a something at least and it was right around the time I should be O’ing, that was last Sunday so still to soon to test for preganancy, but I feel like I’m on the right track.

I have a appointment to go back to Dr. Allon on 6/1 and am wishing and praying I get to go preggo but trying not to get my hopes up cause I feel like when I test its going to be a BFN. So I’m on the road and i hope it isnt a long journey for me TTC. Oh and I started taking the time release met and I’m proud to say I am no longer the poop queen.

I havent noticed any weight loss from it but I did loose about 31 lbs since January doing low carb on and off, my husband has actually lost 54 lbs doing it (he has ALOT more will power than me!) So I strongly reccommend it for anyone trying to lose weight, I’ve seen it work first hand! Thank you for welcoming me to your communtity on here and I hope to have a BFP soon!

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