I don’t know how typical my story is, but I thought I’d write it out.

When I started cycling, I was irregular. I remember going to the dr for a physical, and the dr. said that if my cycles didn’t straighten out and become more even in about a year, that I should come back and they would need to figure out what was going on. They didn’t straighten out, and I told my mom they were really unpredictable- but as she had “irregular” periods (meaning 3-5 weeks apart) she didn’t seem to think it was a big deal- so I stopped talking about it to her.

Meanwhile, beginning about the time I started menstruating, I began to gain weight steadily. I don’t think my diet really changed a lot from before that to after- but my weight steadily climbed. I wore a size 10 for about three years, and then after that my weight began to climb up- til I wore a 12… a 14 a year later…. then 16…. then 18… and there I sat at size 18- and some of those didn’t fit well- but I refused to wear anything larger- I just found all the biggest 18s that I could.

Also, my face began to sprout more and more hair- and it left me feeling very self-conscious. My mom said “oh, you just got your aunt’s genes. She always had a lot of facial hair too.” and I was constantly having my dad try to encourage me to lose weight because I was too heavy.

At one point I had one of my aunts, who is chronically ill, going on about how hormones can make people fat- and I thought that had to be false- that you just get fat because you eat more calories than your body burns.

As time went on, and particularly last spring, I became firmly convinced that not having a cycle between november and june, was probably not a healthy thing. So- I went to the health center on my campus.

I’d already looked up PCOS- because I was so frustrated by my chin-hair, my weight, and the weird cycles, that I plugged them all into Google, and tried to see what would come up that connected them. Sure enough, PCOS was one of the first things I saw. It matched me- though at first I was sure it couldn’t be right, because I’m not diabetic, and I don’t have skin tags and a lot of the other symptoms. But when I went to the health center on campus, the nurse practitioner told me that she was 99.9% sure that it was indeed what I had.

She gave me a course of Provera to induce a period, and then she told me that I should make an appointment with a gynecologist. So- I made an appointment at the end of the summer, and I headed in to see Dr. Lysy. She didn’t even examine me- she talked to me, and I related my symptoms and my history… and she told me that I did indeed have PCOS. She prescribed me metformin, spironolactone, and a bcp called Errin, and encouraged me to work on losing weight- that any amount of exercise adds up- and that I didn’t have to have some big chunk of time to do it in… and said that my body would be a lot healthier if I even lost 10% of my weight.

I started on all those meds, and at the beginning struggled with all the stuff that you hear about on this board- metforming causing diarrhea, nausea, and just feeling icky… spironolactone made me sleepy, and the bcp made me feel grouchy and moody. Pretty soon though, the side-effects went away, and the meds began to work.

A month later I’d lost another 5 lbs, and by november I was down to 194 from 204. (219 at my heaviest in may of this year) I don’t know how I got to 204 from 219, except that maybe the Provera helped somehow. But… currently I’m sitting at 185, and I am feeling really great about it.

Before getting on meds, the only time that I had lost much weight was when i was working full time at a nursing home as a nursing assistant- walking around and lifting and helping people for eight hours per day- and even then, I think I went from 204 to 197 or so, over the course of six months- not much considering that i was working hard at eating well, and was exercising that much.

The weight I’ve lost lately, was lost with me trying to eat healthfully, -but NOT going low-carb or anything like that- and kind of failing at exercising regularly. I don’t know how it’s working, but it is. I guess my hormones were just REALLY messed up.

I just feel excited, because I’m back to a 16 in pants- and a lot of 16s are loose on me! I can’t fit a 14 yet, but I’m getting closer!

My BMI went from 34 to 29, and I’m excited because it means that I’m not clinically obese anymore!

I put on a swimsuit last week for the first time in years that I actually felt good about how I looked. All of my family have told me how great I look- and commented on how loose my clothes were and said they thought I should go shopping for smaller clothes.

God is good, and I am thankful that He has helped me to be able to lose the weight that I have been losing!

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