hello everyone so glad i found this site!

so ill start from the beginning…well i started getting periods around 11 and then i would say around 13 they became very irregular. i was active in very good shape, healthy etc. so i was put on b.c which i guess regulated them a bit more but had made me put on a little bit of weight.

well when i was 18 i stopped taking my bc and still same thing very irregular periods..and i have been with my husband since i was 13 so we decided if we were able to concieve we would just let it happen. i was maybe 20lbs. over weight, i think i weighed 160 at the time so pretty much for the last 4 years i have heard my irregular periods were due to being fat..thanks docs for putting it so politely!

well in may of 2008 SURPRISE i was pregnant…very excited of course but very unexpected we were getting married in oct. 2008!!! there went my dress i had bought..lol…i expierienced alot of right side lower abdominal pain throughout the pregnancy which i was diagnosed with just a cyst on my ovary no big deal i was told and it would go away…now through my pregnancy i had high bp and protein in my urine at times and was put on bed rest at about 7mos…and i gained almost 70 lbs…ouch!!! thankfully my daughter was born health at 7lbs 14oz. and i was induced 6 days prior to my due date b/c of high bp…but now exactly 1 yr.

1 day since my daughter was born i have only had 3 periods!!! i was just diagnosed with pcos about a week ago…i am abou 180 lbs…which i am working on losing weight…and my husband and i are ready to start trying to have another baby…my dr. has told me if there is no pregnancy by june then i can start on clomid..i have done some research on clomid and just wanted to see who else has had a success story with it…so if you have please let me know and how many cycles it took…and just explain to me exactly how clomid works and how you take it and so on…ohh also more then likely i will have to take provera before i start on clomid…so with those combinations anyone else taken them together? thanks!!

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