Finally On Metformin For PCOS! Feeling Relieved!

Hello I thought I would share my story with you all. I am a 33yo married woman who was just recently diagnosed with PCOS. I can’t say that I was surprised, because I wasn’t. I knew something wasn’t right, just didn’t know what it was.

After years and I do mean years of abnormal periods and unable to conceive, I decided it was time to find out why. One look from my Dr. and she told me that I had PCOS. She said she would run tests to be sure, but she knew for sure I did have it. Well she was right.

She didn’t want to put me on Metformin until I showed her I was able to lose some weight. Granted at the time of being diagnosed I was 322lbs. I now am 296lbs. In the beginning she put me on spironolactone for the excess facial hair, but if you are trying to conceive she recommended me not to be on it due to the complications.

On the 4th of December she finally put me on Metformin and took me off of the spironolactone. It’s only been 4 days so far so I can’t say I have seen any changes. With the thyroid medicine I have noticed my metabolism is a little higher than normal. Which is a good thing.

Well that’s my story. I am so grateful I am not alone in this battle. I read a lot of the success stories and I am happy to know you can still have a child even being diagnosed with PCOS.

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