My name is Abby, i’m a 20 year old from Christchurch New Zealand. I was diagnosed with PCO in Oct 2000 and Endometrosis in Dec 2001.

I orginally when to a specialist because on ongoing stomach pain, i just thought that my acne, obesity, hairyness was just part of my family genes. I have stuggled with my weight and self image since i was 10, i had very painful and irregular periods from 13, I managed to control that by going on a oral contraceptive for years.

My parents being the medical profession thought i was just eating to much and not excerising, which made it really hard for me. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 14. I have been on various pills and potions for as long as i can remember.

In 2000 I went to a gynacologist/endocrinologist – who diagnosed me with PCO. I finally felt relieved to have someone who knew why i couldnt lose weight, and why i was how i was. I was also so devastated to think that i may never have kids, I said to my partner that i wanted to have kids right then no matter what, incase things got worse as time went by. Being only 18, it wasnt the best solution but all i could think of at the time.

We discussed it and decided that we could atleast wait a year or two and keep a close watch on what was going on. I was also put on to androcur, Diane 35 and Xenical which helped so so much. Being 120 kg’s still and having really high insulin levels I was put on metformin – which did not go down at all well. After a couple of months feeling sick constantly and not able to even go to school, i switched medications to Avandia.

It does exactly the same thing, but with no side effects. It brought my insulin levels down from 320 to 90 within 2 weeks. It also helped me lose 15 kg’s. I was so happy. When i was diagnosed my doctor also found a solid cyst on my left ovary. It is only 30mm round, but was well we thought the cause of my pain. So i was refered on to another specialist – a gyncacological surgeon. After a 20 minute consulation, i walked out with another diagnosis of Endometriosis and PCO and having a dermoid cyst on my ovary.

I was scheduled to have surgery in March 2002. I went off all my medications in December thinking that i was going to have surgery in January. Around this time my partner and i got engaged and decided that after my surgery we would try for a baby. In february, i went to my family doctor as i had really bad back pain that i couldnt walk, she wasnt sure what was going on. The next day i asked my mum to bring over some pregnancy tests as i had this feeling. So my mum did my pregnancy test for me – which came back Positive .

EDD is 5 november 2002. So that put my surgery off for a while anyway, i still have to have surgery after my baby is born. Being pregnant has been such a blessing in so many ways – to start with being able to conceive was a miracle, I have lost about 6 kilo’s being pregnant so far and nearly all of my PCO symptoms have gone for the time being.

I am now happy with myself and how my life with PCO is, it has changed everything about me and my family but what we experience in our lives will only make us stronger. I sometimes make others uncomfortable by talking so openly about my PCO, but i think we are most afraid of what we dont understand so i am trying to educate my friends and their families so they can be aware of how common this really is.

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