Here is my story.

I am 28 I have 3 kids. I got married in 2001. Before I had my first child who is now 6 my husband and I had 15 miscarriages my last one in October of 2002. In January of 2003 we relocated to Idaho Falls I went into the ER in pain they did an ultrasound and found a cyst on my right ovary the size of a grapefruit which had started to attach to other body parts they went in and removed my cyst and my ovary.

After that in Febuary we found out we were pregnant again scared of having another miscarriage my doctor put me on Progestrone which I had been on before and was able to carry to term. Before this pregnancy I had been on clomid to get pregnant as well and had also done the progestrone I was not able to carry to term the doctors told me then that I had PCOS with out doing any of the blood work they do now.

I then went on to have to more babies with both I did the provera the first trimester both my younger kids were premature. I have now been formally diagnosed and going to two doctors they have started me on Metformin 850mg 2 times a day and I have also started a regiman of depo lupron every 3 months to see if shutting my hormones down will help with the pain so far it has helped a little bit. My husband and I are now at a decision time because the pain does continue of whether to have a hysterectomy or have our last baby we have decided that once the lupron wears off in Febuary we will try for our last and then have the hyst.

I have also tried trigger point injections to help with some of the pain. while on the metformin I have noticed weight loss which is good I am overweight. however the hair growth on my face drives me crazy and the pain in my left ovary is on most days unbearable that is my story in a nutshell! Now hopefully we won’t have problems getting pregnant again I am skeptical to see if I start ovulating after I stop the lupron it will be interesting!

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