My life with PCOS is similar to many other womens stories. I started my period and PCOS symptoms at age 9.

As a child I was very skinny, but once puberty started taking over with PCOS symptoms I started gaining weight slowly. At age 12/13, doctors still didn’t know why my periods would come and leave with heavy amounts of blood lost to put me in the hospital overnight so they just put me on bcp’s which didn’t help only helped me gain more weight.

By the time highschool started for me, my PCOS symptoms were getting worse. I was missing days cause of cyst rupturing, painful cramps with and without periods very often, and heavy bleeding that made me very weak. By the age of 16 I was diagnosed. I had read an article out of Womans World about PCOS awarness and I had all the symptoms. I went to my doctor to get checked for it, and sad to say the doctor I had at the time didn’t know what PCOS was and thought I was making it up. So she sent me to a ob/gyn where I was tested by blood test and sure enough it was positive.

About a year later after going through 2 ob/gyns I dropped out of school to get my GED for to many days missed, all were doctors excuses though. I was a junior, teachers aid, and office aid at the time and my grade levels were A/B honor roll status my freshman and sohpmore year. I missed prom, the wonderful fun senior year activities, and most of all I missed the teachers that helped me through my junior year when I was hurting from PCOS the most.

The teachers new it was best for me to get my GED instead of going through homeschooling to graduate on time so that’s why I went that route. During the time getting my GED, I had laporscopic surgery. The results from that were 25 cyst in all and the past cyst that had ruptured, the liquid from them was glue like and attached my ovaries up to muscles and intestines inside of me. Muscle tissue and parts of my small intestines was removed from the damage which is also thought to be the irratel bowl syndrom that I was diagnosed with before PCOs was thought of.

No cyst were removed my ob/gyn at the time didn’t think it was the time to remove any of the cyst, why he thought that, I don’t know cause he never had a good answer for not removing the cyst, but I think he is crazy and lazy for not removing them.

A year after that, I’m 18 starting college to continue my education like I promised when I got my GED. I was determined not to be behind a counter making 5.50 an hour for the rest of my life because of Pcos when I knew I could do better. I dreamed of being a RN nurse as a child, which I’m slowly climbing that ladder to be one, starting with getting a 2 year degree in Health Care Administrative.

This past year has been rocky, my Pcos symptoms are starting back up like they use to be before I dropped out of highschool and my last ob/gyn had no worries that my ovaries were attatched up against something else in there. I’ll see a new ob/gyn this month, the last in my area that is only an hour drive away to see what he has to say and what he can do for me besides telling me to get off my lazy butt and take bcps everyday.

My last ob/gyn always told me ‘it’s ok to be hungry’ what was sad is, I’m hardly ever hungry, and I eat the right things, I go to a gym 5 times a week for an hour at a time… and I’m still rockin steady at 200, 5’1″.

I’m 19 now, and I don’t know rather to hate or like PCOS for the things it has done to me. The positive things that have happened to me are: maturing allot faster, I see things differently than someone my age should see them, I notice the little things in life I should cherish, I know who I am and don’t let anybody walk over me, I don’t take things forgranted, and I’m more responsible.

The negative things from pcos that have happened to me are: missing out the rest of my junior and senior years in highschool, being a goof ball stupid teenager like I should’ve been, surgery, friends/bfs/relatives/so called doctors who don’t understand and brush it off like nothing, all the money I spend on (sanitary products, medchine, doctor bills, gas to just see the doctors), the weight, the depression, embarressing, and worrying will I ever be able to have kids. It’s hard to find out when you’re 16 that you may never be able to have kids, although many PCOS women do have kids, you just may be the one who doesn’t out of all the women.

Pcos can also be very embarressing, out of no where your period can start, hot flashes, pains can start and you have to quit what your doing to take medchine or go home and curl up on your bed with a heating pad, people ask you what’s wrong they look at you like you’re crazy cause Pcos is not known to many people.

The most recent thing I can think of that is embarressing was meeting a band that I became friends with and one of the times that I was hanging out with them, I dropped my purse and they could hear my pills in my purse rattle and here comes the questions from males, and they wouldn’t leave me alone cause they thought I had a drug problem (which I don’t nothing I take is considered addictive).

Only one of them understood what I said because his sister had a similar problem, the rest of them understood it as much as my dad does which isn’t much.

Will I ever be at a normal weight for my height, problem not. Will I ever have a pain free week, not until hysterectomy. Will my acne every go away, probably when I’m 50 when my dating years are over. Will people that do not have pcos every understand, not until it happens to them or something similar happens to them.

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