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Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks, your stories really helped while my doctor has been (and is still) trying to find out everything going on!

In the seventh grade, I was teased for having a rather bad hairy upper lip. That was just the beginning!

In high school I had a pretty regular although very painful period. We didn’t question it since my mom also had that when she was younger. Late senior year I started gaining weight with no change in diet or change in activity. This awful patter continued through 2 1/2 years of college even though I ran 3 to 4 miles a day and lifted weights every day. I chalked it up to the freshmen 15 (ok 25).

When I move home for the last semester to do student teaching, I started a vicious cycle of over exercising and eating very little…but it worked and by the time I started teaching I was in the 120s (down from the 170s). The hair growth…well, was growing to parts where girls should not grow hair.

But I thought it was a family thing since both of my sisters have the problem and the oldest was told there was nothing they could do for it!

About 2 years ago, I started gaining weight, feeling awful, and my doctor told me my period (that I hadn’t had in 3 years) would come back on its own and there was nothing wrong with me (frankly, she made me feel crazy).

I finally got control of my weight after going gluten free…and I felt incredible, but I got down to a scary 110. It was one extreme or the other! When I realized I couldn’t be that small in a wedding dress, I started eating whatever and was a normal weight at my wedding.

And now I am here 5 years without a period and very hairy! I am excited to start on a journey that leads me back to feeling normal…and knowing that I am not crazy.

Thanks for letting me spew my story!

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