My name is Louise. I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 16, I am now 26.

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When I was diagnosed with PCOS it was purely by accident as I have an infection and it showed up on a scan.

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For the past almost ten years I have never suffered dramatically with PCOS, i have always had periods they were irregular but not by much.

I have a little girl who is 2 years old and I conceived naturally. I have never taken any medications for my PCOS as it was never a problem. At present me and my husband of 5 years are trying to conceive again. However in the last few months I have gained weight and find it really hard to lose, i eat fairly healthy and do some exercise.

I have not had a period for 10 weeks now, i have taken a home PT and negative.

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Also after suffering with headaches my doctor took blood tests and told me my prolactin levels are slightly high.

Does anybody else have this? I would also like to ask has anybody else had a similar story? I don’t really know were to go from here. Any advice?

thank you


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