I’m Allie i’m 19.

I found out that I had PCOS when I was 17. I knew something has always been wrong with me since I was a 11-12. I was the girl who was healthy but overwieght. I ate right,excersied, and everything inbetween but nothing helped i even tried diets because i was tired of the endless mean words from guys and some girls. I was also the only girl who had excessive hair on her face and body.

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Also I was the only girl in my grade with no period. And that happened for years. We ended up moving when i was 14 and things got worse because i sorta grew into a depression that I hid from the world. My mom is one of those moms that doesn’t want to see anything wrong with her children and trys to push it aside unless it’s bad.

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Well when we went to see a normal doctor about the no period he said it was hormones and i haven’t grown into myself this was at 16, well at this time i was a happier in life.

Then in december we went to Illinois for chistmas and my dads sister told my mom that she needed to take me to a gynecologist. So when we got back to home my mom held it off for a bit till about november. Finally she took me and I went through a crap load of blood tests, questions and ultra sounds.

Finally one day i was riding the bus home form school and I got a phone call my gynecologist calling to inform me that I had PCOS and should come in and talk with her. So two days later i was in and she was telling that i had the highest rate of testosterone she’s ever seen and that I need to be birth control for my hormones and that should help with my period.

And yes that did. My period last from late november to middle febuary of next year. It was non-stop and heavy. I was tired of it and i stopped taking the birth control. Now i don’t know where to go for here.

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And Also I didn’t know so many others had PCOS.. It’s good to know i’m not alone

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