I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008. Ive always had the symptoms but kinda brushed them aside. In october 2007 I got af and it lasted for 3 months straight with no breaks. Went to the Gyn in Jan of 2008 and that is when he told me I had PCOS after telling him my history and having a U/S done. I then had to have a D&C done to scrape out all the build up and also had cyst removed from my ovaries, before being put on bcp.

I was releived at first that I finally had answers to so many things that were differnet about my body. I have most of the symptoms that go along with the syndrome. Overweight with a hard time loosing it, unwanted hair, dark skin patches, skin tags, skipping periods, ones that last way to long and to heavy, etc. Oh and then theres the fact that at 21 my straight hair went curly which I just read could also be from this syndrome. Then I started reading up on all the other health problems it can cause and didn’t feel so relieved.

I do not have children and am not trying to at this time. I absolutely love kids I just havent decided to try for one yet. I know its probably not a healthy way to deal with the fact that I may not be able to or may have a very hard time getting pregnant but at this time my opinion is that as long as I dont make the choice to have a baby that choice can not be taken away from me. I am not married or in a serious relationship so for the time being this thought process works for me. I know there will be a day when I have to face it.

I am very happy that I found this sight its nice to be able to share with people who face the same problems. I have a large family and they are there for me but noone else in my family has this. That is also a surprise because I have 3 sisters and thank god as of yet none of them have it but Ive read that it is common if you have it some one else in your family will too. Though there is a long history of diabetes on my moms side, including my mother. Thankfully I have not had the problem of IR.

Along with this I also have high b/p which runs in my family at a young age, I was put on meds at 25 and have lost count of how many times theyve changed my meds because it keeps going up. Im beginning to think though that its more to do with this syndrome then with family history because if the pcos is under control so is the b/p. I also have an Iron Deficiency which my hemotologist is blaming on the pcos.

The issue I am facing now is I think maybe its time to find a new Dr. My gyn put me on the bcp when I was diagnosed but thats about it. Should he have done test when I went in for my last check up to see where my hormone levels were at? I have not had any kind of b/w done for this syndrome since being treated for it. Now Im thinking maybe I should considering that when I had the procedures done almost 2 yrs ago the dr told me I needed to go on bcp right away to control my hormone inbalance. He was not happy with the amount of precancerous changes going on with my body for my age. And he has never mentioned metformin as a treatment my hemotologist suggested that I talk to him about it.

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