Well, it’s Monday, and I found out Friday. I had never even heard of PCOS before a few weeks ago.

Here’s my story:

I had my first period at 13, it lasted three days and was extremely light, six months later I had another. My mom took me to the gyno and she said it was because I was so young and had just started and that I would regulate on my own.

Fast forward to 15, I finally had my third period, eight months went by and still nothing. I went to a new Dr. who said it was because I was fat….I went to another who said my body “didn’t feel like releasing an egg each month”??

I was young and decided I enjoyed life without periods, so I never bothered going to another Dr. until I was 17 and at a grand total of five periods. This one gave me Provera(or the like) twice, the first time it worked, the second time nothing. he next Dr. I went to put me on birth control, which did nothing for me. The next Dr. diagnosed me with hypthyroidism…after I gained 150lbs. in ONE SUMMER! He told me once I was on the meds. for awhile I would regulate.

Since then I have had 1-3 periods a YEAR. My last one was in August. I lost nearly 100lbs. and still nothing, and now I am 19 and getting married in a few months and we both want a family desperately.

Over the last two months I have gone to yet another three Dr.’s and they all wrote down “PCOS???” and passed me on to another speacialist at a better hospital, until finally on Friday I heard the words “I am 99.99% sure you have PCOS, this means you will have an extremely dfficult time getting pregnant.”

And that was that. That’s all he told me, well that and I have a tilted cervix and I need to make an appointment with someone closer to home. With no info. I went to the internet, I didn’t find much, just cold hard deffinitions, then on another board I belong to several women suggested this site, and here I am.

I feel lost and confused and overwhelmed, yet thankfull, for my fabulous fiancee who just bought me flowers and gave me a big hug and said, “well, I’ve been thinking about this, I’ll just carry a baby if you can’t”
although pretty impossible, it reasured that he loved me, could make me feel better when I’m down, and supports me and wants the best for us.

Their you have it, my story…or the begining at least.

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