Hello. I just wanted to share my story and my background in hopes that it might give people hope or just an insight into the many different lives of pcos sufferers.

I am 28 years old and I was officially diagnosed with pcos in December 2006 at the age of 26. However I started missing periods consistently probably January2005 so the age of 25. Do some women get pcos later in life? Becuase in my situation it seems to be the case.

I had normal periods for most of my life until then-altho I began mensturating early at the age of 9. I am Latina and was born in Guatemala. I had a teenage pregnancy at the age of 16 and gave birrth at 17. It was my first and only pregnancy to date and my child was given up (not painlessly) for adoption.

Im not sure why my PCOS started later in life or what triggerd it. I used to jog regulargly and then for about 2 years I sort of stopped and started loosing scalp hair (more thinner) and eating more and the acne started acting up. So maybe thats why. I have what I would consider a milder version of PCOS.

The doctor said it could also be something called prolactemia or something but considering all my other symptoms I know its PCOS as well. I have minimal facial and body hair. Not much acne or anything. My three biggest problems that I suffer from is my constant depression and feeling like eating.

Also had a lot of trouble loosing weight. It would come of much slower and I wuld diet and exercise and nothing would happen. Lastly is the scalp hair loss. It has affected my self esteem more then I thought anything could. I dont have clear bald patches yet persay but its thinner all over and there are thinner areas where u can see some scalp on the front temple areas and thinner hair at the back of my head.

The only thing I really tried was Vive Pro Shampoo (by Loreal) for fine hair. It has thickning polymers which DO make my hair feel thicker. I just dont like the widening parts and balder areas which I have to cover with a pony tail or I feel self concious. Well its bad enough for me to notice it and feel bad But I guess not as much as some of the stories Ive heard.

I had 8 periods last year. I guess my average is every 35-42 days I GET A mensutral. I take nothing. Except omega fatty acids thats it.No metforim and I really dont think considering my history of anxiety and deprssion that I should make things worse with birth control. I have been considering taking metformin just to make some of the weight loss easier. I exercise 6 days a week at least 70 minues of cardio and watch sugar intake ect. Also trying a new thickning shampoo.

Does anybody have any suggestions for my particular managment program? I mostly just get really depressed and have weight loss resistance and thinning hair. I guess I am luckier then others but I still suffer. I have been a jogger most of my life so getting back into it wont be too hard. I have read all the stories of women of all ages and all the solutions they have tried-it certainly seems to be a trial and error !

I am comitted to a lifelong exercise and concious eating plan. I hope my post wasnt too long and I hope you found my story intersting . If you have any suggestions I hope yo ucan reply to my post. The shampoo I am trying is called “BIGSEXYHAIR” by Michael O’Rouke-it had similar ingredients to Mane n Tail. I am trying to get the weight and insulin levels down with as little meds as I can and really dont want to start bith control pills. I am not trying to get pregnant maybe I will have another before I turn 35.

Well thats all I guess. Good luck to all other PCOS sufferers-it could be worse. This is a manageable condition at least although we can never fully eliminate it.


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