I have always had irregular periods since I first started AF. I’d either go for months without her visiting or I’d have very heavy flows when she did show up.

I would always mention this to my PCP when I would go in for checkups or just because the massive pain I would experience while on my period. It amazes me that after 14 years of dealing with these complications I was just diagnosed this past Friday that I have PCOS.

I understand women for different reasons may experience irregular periods, but what I don’t understand is why wouldn’t they at least check me for PCOS seeing that it may be a possibility. But for now I guess I’m just learning to cope with the fact that I may not be able to conceive as easily if I weren’t diagnosed with PCOS. My gyno prescribed ortho cyclen to help regulate my periods, which is a nice thought.

I was also told to follow a high fiber/low cholesterol diet and exercise, which I will follow. My concern is what will happen when I am actually ready to have a baby? I am 25yrs old and a baby isn’t in my plans at this very moment.

But I was wondering if I could also ask my PCP to prescribe metformin that I would take while taking the bcp. This way when I do feel ready to conceive, stop taking bcp while continuing metformin will do the trick. I have also read in some of the posts here that metformin helps with weight loss.

I am currently 5’6″, 189lbs. I’m not sure if this is the procedure or if my PCP will agree with this method but I guess I will find out. My appt. is on the 17th and I hope I can get all my questions answered about this. If anyone has done this method successfully please let me know.


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