My name is karyn and i am 29 years old. i’m not sure if this story is worth gaining any access to a show, but hopefully it will show what we have to go through to get a correct diagnosis.

i got my first period at 11 years old. It was normal for about three or four years…well, as normal as it can be at that age. When i was 14 or 15, the time between my periods got longer and longer until they just stopped. Of course at that age, i was thrilled. i loved not having to worry about that monthly irritation. my mother however didn’t like it one bit. She knew something was not right.

So off we went to our family doctor. He had no idea what was wrong with me but i tested normal for thyroid problems. Next it was a gynocologist. She did all kinds of tests…too bad they were not the right ones. She diagnosed me with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. i was treated for this by three doctors until i was 22. i don’t think anything i took hurt me, but i lost time with that.

i remember sitting in one doctor’s office, a very technical endocrinologist, crying because i was scared i was going to die. She had absolutely no bedside manner and talked only to my parents with diagrams and stuff they didn’t even understand. i didn’t see that doctor for too much longer.

When i got out of college, my insurance changed and i just happened to pick a doctor out of my plan..not knowing anything about him. At my first appointment, i told him what i thought i had. He told me i didn’t have that and that he was going to prove it to me. He scheduled me for several tests and sure enough…he was right. He was very good at making sure i understood everything exactly as he did.

As luck would have it, i changed jobs and my miracle doctor was not on the plan. my new endocrinologist didn’t treat me for my PCOS and IR at all. She gave me a blood sugar monitor and wanted me to check my sugar level several times a day. i stuck that in the closest as soon as i got home. Needless to say, i didn’t go back to this doctor after one more visit.

Luck changed again when i got the job i have now. my miracle doctor is on my plan and i feel i am headed in the right direction now. The only thing he currently has me on now though is birth control pills and i am trying to convince him that i need to be on Glucophage. Thank goodness to this website for showing me the benefits of Glucophage and the need to really stay on top of everything.i have an appointment next Monday for that finalization.

i have been overweight since puberty. Diets don’t work for me. i need to see results in order to keep working towards it. i never saw results that were worthwhile. i started doing a low carb diet about three weeks ago and have already lost 18 pounds. Those are the results i need. Those results will keep me going. i know low carbing isn’t for everyone, but it works for me.

Like others, i am constantly talking about this to people. It is very common and still many doctors don’t know about it. If i can help someone understand what they may have, i feel i have accomplished a huge goal.

Thanks for listening and i wish everyone the best!


List of my PCOS symptoms:
Overweight….highest 285 lbs, 5’7″…currently 267
Aconthosis Negricans
Skin Tags
Polycystic Ovaries
High Testosterone
Irregular and then no periods without stimulation
Panic Attacks (GAD)
High Blood Pressure (not a symptom but because of weight)

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