Hey ladies,

I posted this in another area replying to another members post. But it seemed to fit in this area so here I go I hope that’s ok.

Hello everyone

This gaining weight losing weight sucks soooo bad. I have been struggling with it for my whole life. My highest weight was 240!!! I was very very depressed so much was going on at the time. My on again and off again,was gay.. lol yeah .. anywho… very very tough time. during that time I didn’t eat a lot or have tons of cravings for carbs sweets etc. But I was miserable and feeling disgusting overweight and unworthy… I also began to notice that the my facial and body hair became more pronounced. It was devestating. I would also miss numerous periods at a time. I’d also have numerous problems with my stomach.

I am a college student and for almost two year I didn’t go out and do anything I barely made it to school because I was so depressed. I felt so alone all I wanted to do was cry and sit in my room lol (unfortunately I still live at home. Lol) I isolated myself from all the people I loved and cared about. It was jst a hard hard time and to top it off I was failing and barely passing my classes because of the emotional and physical distress I felt… lol yeah talk about a lot goin on.

So during this time I had kaiser and my primary dr was very awesome and thorough. She was my doctor and friend… she wasn’t cold.. and she cared. Lol I probably sound corny but any who… I began to email her and tell her what was going with my mood and the weight gain and missed periods.

I was already on birth control so I was prescribed phentermine. To help with my weight loss. I was afraid to take it because I felt overly hyped-up when I took them. My Dr. Also gave me a full panel of blood tests.. and I had all my hormone levels tested. These tests were in the normal range but on the higher side. Then I was diagnosed PCOS. After having someone actually look at the symptoms I had it was known that I had more than just irregular periods…

I decided to start researching weight loss I started adding more fiber to my diet and I immediately saw a difference. I started making small changes. Whole grain, pasta, bread, tortilla, flax seed , oatmeal, for a while I ate tuna everyday because 1. I love tuna lol and it quick and easy when ur on the go and 2. Tuna is a lean fish and it helps you lean out. But I didn’t eat it for long periods of time.

I started adding boiled eggs in as prt of my diet and tons and tons of salads made with various types of veggies. And nuts. I cut back on my meals size but I ate more than 3 times a day. I usually have 5-6 meals a day. I also added a ton of grapes and tomatoe juice to my diet.

After a little while I reached a plateau. And I had jst lost about 18 lbs. I started walking to and from the store everyday. (Lol I love to shop :-)) that was my exercise and retial therapy lol.. after a while I decided to do all fruits and veggies. I would go to the store and but cabbage spinach celery cucumbers v-8’s orange apples peaches… and the list goes on… I would make a huge lunch filled with veggies. Maybe with the veggies I would have a slimfast for the protein in it… or a 1/2 cup of non-fat milk.

This worked for a while then I decided to get brave I started pureeing all fruits and veggies together and drinking thm In the morning. And a lot of time through out the day. The weight started falling off.. I saw a huge difference the next thing you know I had lost sixty lbs!!! During this time I also ate chicken and turkey and small amounts of beef this worked for me for a long time but as of right niw I have gained 21 lbs back :-/ it had been so damn hard yo-yoing up and down. This 21 lbs had been gained since MARCH :-/!!!!!! Stress has been really kicking my butt harcore. I had gained a total of 28 but I’ve lost seven thank goodness.

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