In July of 2003, just a few months before my wedding, I went off the bcp anticipating that my dh and I would ttc as soon as we got married. Well, almost immediately, I started gaining weight. I’d always been a size 2/4, but soon the sizes started creeping up. I also didn’t get af. After 4 mths with no af and at least 2 sizes bigger, I went to my family dr.

She did bw which she said all came back normal, so she sent me for an u/s. They called me that day (I didn’t get the message until I got home from work, too late to call back). When I returned their call, they told me the u/s had shown a “mass” in one of my ovaries and they were concerned that it might be an ectopic pregnancy in the ovary, so they had me rush to a specialist.

The specialist told me I couldn’t have an ectopic pregnancy if the pg test was neg, but suggested that I must not be ovulating and wanted me to go back on bcp to help the cyst in my ovary shrink. Against my better judgment, I did. But I stopped taking them within just a couple of months. Again, no af.

Somewhere in that time, my dad had come across an article about PCOS and when I read up about it, it made sense. I had darker/coarser hair above my upper lip than most women. My legs/arms were hairier than most women. By that time I’d gained more than 20lbs even though my lifestyle had not changed. And after getting the u/s report from my family dr, I remembered seeing something they described as “multiple folicular cysts” on both ovaries. So, I went to a previous family dr whom I trusted. She was not familiar with PCOS and suggested I see an ob.

Finally, in Sept of 2004, I saw an ob who did not dx PCOS, but did put me on clomid to help with my annovulation. I got pg with my oldest dd on the 3rd cycle at 150mg clomid. I asked my ob what the likelihood was that I would have such a hard time conceiving again and he told me “More likely than if you hadn’t had any problems conceiving.”

So, when my dd was 6mths old, I stopped bf’ing and waited for af to arrive. This time, she did arrive, and I thought I might get lucky. But before long, the bleeding was completely out of whack. I would have af for 2 weeks, off for a week, then start again, but it would be really light. I went to the ob and he said it was “breakthrough bleeding” because I wasn’t o’ing. He put me back on clomid.

This time, it took 6 cycles and we got all the way up to 250mg of the clomid before I saw a bfp. My excitement was shortlived, however, when I had an early m/c at 5wks5days. That’s when I went to my current ob. After listening to my story, she asked me if anyone had ever told me why I wasn’t o’ing. I told her no, but I suspected I had PCOS. She said that was exactly what her first thought was. She also told me that women with PCOS have a much higher rate of m/c than other women.

SO, in Nov 2006, I got my dx, finally, and started on metformin. 7 weeks after starting the metformin, I had my first real af in years that wasn’t brought on by some sort of medication. My ob added in 100mg of clomid and I was pg again in 2 cycles.

After my youngest was born in Oct 07, dh and I used no bc at all. We wanted to see if the Lord would bless us with another baby without the meds. Since I bf’ed for the first year, af didn’t come back until Sept 2008. Except, it wasn’t af, it was the same breakthrough bleeding I’d experienced after my oldest was born.

And in Dec 2008, it became unbearable. I started to bleed heavily and ended up in the emergency room because I was bleeding enough that it was considered a hemorrage. (They said probably from all the months that the bleeding was so light and not having had a real af) They put me on a crazy schedule of bcp to try to stop the bleeding, but it didn’t work. Then they put me on some other med used for cancer patients and that stopped most of the bleeding.

Finally, I started back on the metformin because I knew in the past it had worked to regulate my cycle and we had decided we were ready to ttc another baby.

I started the met again in Jan 09 and waited and waited and waited for six mths. AF came, but it was never regular, anywhere from 4-9wks in between. So, I called my ob and asked for the clomid. In July 09, we started on the clomid, but have had no luck. Last month was our last month on clomid, but I am still taking the metformin because I’m afraid not to.

I have no idea what my crazy body will do without the met to help regulate my cycles a little. I still have an extra 25lbs that I have not been able to lose, but at least the weight gain has stopped and I’m holding steady.

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