All my troubles began fairly early in life. When I was in high school I remember I would get really bad UTIs constantly. Seemed like as soon as I got rid of one I would get another one. My periods weren’t ever regular, and when I finally began to have a sex life, it was miserable! I hated it! It was extremely painful.

Finally I was put on a birth control that agreed with my body. I stayed on it for many years and then all of a sudden my body stopped responding well to it so I would have to get off. Then one day after i’d been married for 3 years, in 1994, I woke up one morning in excrusiating pain. Doctor said to me, “Well do you want the good news or the bad news?” “Good news is you’re going to be a mommy.

Bad news is you have tumors on your ovaries and will have to have surgery to have them removed after you have the baby.” SCARED ME TO DEATH! So two months after my daughter was born I underwent surgery to have softball size tumors removed from my ovaries. I lost 3/4 of my right ovary that day.

Giving birth, and having those tumors removed was like a new lease on life. My periods came like clock work, no painful sex, no reoccuring UTIs. Then 13 years later my periods started acting up again. My gyno told me that the tumors were back and that they would have to be removed again. Most women can have their cysts removed by laproscopy, but for some reason my cysts become dermoid tumors, and I have to be cut open.

In October of 2008 I again underwent the knife and had tumors removed from my ovaries and lots of scar tissue removed from the first surgery. I lost my whole left ovary and the left falopian tube. The doctor said that my small right portion of ovary tissue left is embedded in scar tissue and I would be lucky if it would work. A few months after the surgery, after I had a few periods like clock work, my ovary apparently is slowly shutting down because now I am showing all the signs of menapause.

And on top of all this, I now have a post surgerical hernia that I have to have repaired.

I don’t have all the regular symtoms alot of women have with PCOS. I don’t have the accessive body hair, or the dark stains, and my periods were right on target for many years. However I do have trouble losing weight, and I am very overweight.

Thanks for listening…and God Bless all you lovely ladies that are suffering with this.

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