well i’m new to this so i’ll just begin with i have PCOS, i was diagnosed with it when i was 16. (28 now). earlier it hasnt really been a problem but lately its becoming a real problem.. cant lose weight some facial and belly hair and hormones seriously out of control. and now to my horror i’m getting chest hair. ( i found one the other day and almost had a stroke)

i’ve spoken to my dr who had me on birth control ( which i cant take cause it makes me sick.. chest pain, anxiety etc. so thats no longer an option) i was also put on metformin.. which didnt work either.( bad stomach problems that wouldnt go away no matter what i did).

Also i have PMDD which makes matters alot worse. i have been wondering if anyone knows if having an ovary removed would help relieve the problems? i’m like at the end of my rope here. I hate all the hair growing where it should only grow on men, the crazy moods with the pmdd and i really dont want to have to deal with this til menopause.

i’ve been trying to read up on pcos and pmdd as much as i can and i dont feel like i fit into the “typical case”. with the pmdd i get really depressed and not just two week before my period.. during ovulation i’ll feel really crappy like i dont want to be around anyone and sometimes to the point where i dont even want to live anymore and then the next day i’m fine.. then a day or two before my period begins i’ll feel the same way or the last day or two before my period is over. ( i’m assuming its worse when all my crazy hormones are trying to readjust) if anyone has any advice they could give me it would really be appreciated.

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