New Here, But At My Wit’s End With PCOS

I can not say I ever thought I would be “joining” one of these groups. I never thought I would mentally reach this point where I just don’t know what to do. That said, having read some of the posts and what some of you all have makes me feel a little less “alone”.

So I post here, in hopes that someone might have some suggestions. And simply- because I feel that I am headed down the path of depression simply due to illnesses…including PCO(S).

Around age 14/15 I was diagnosed with PCOS and I actually have polycystic ovaries as well. I have only twice gotten my period natrually in my entired life. I am now 24. This seems to have been the beginning of what is a very long road ahead. The problem being, is that I can’t tell how many of my problems all go back to it or not. Here’s a list…

-Meniere’s Disease
-Iliotibial Band Syndrome (which may be due to walkin improperly, because of being overweight and PCOS)
-MANY MANY allergies (penicillin, nuts, oral allergy syndrome, etc.)
-Chronic sinus infections
-Reoccuring elevated levels of the epstein barr virus
-I am always tired and can sleep for hours- even when the EB is not active
-Lactose has made me sick in the past and still does when eaten in larger amounts
-Many ear infections as a child
-Fat deposits on my liver
-Possible excersize induced asthema

For all of this I am on:
Yasmin, Metformin, Xyzal, Singular, Nasacourt, Astelin, Probiotics

Things just seem to keep deteriorating. Everyone just tells me “your a mess” and no one is actually helping me fix the problem. I am overweight- although the metformin did help me lose some weight. My allergies limit a lot of what I can/can’t eat.

And I have NO energy after work to do anything. I simply do not even know what to do. And how much of this is really related to PCOS? And why does it seem that everyone with PCOS has such a long list of medical conditions?

So, any help/support and anything anyone might have to offer would be fantastic. I never thought that pcos would be such an issue in my life. But it is time to get control over it before it controls me…

Thanks for reading!

Want to connect with me? My name is lehigh_princess on the SoulCysters Message Board.

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