New Cyster But With A Great Doc – She Made My PCOS Life Easier

Been lurking on here for a couple months, all of the information has been very helpful so now that I am actually starting treatment (for real this time) I thought I would post.

On our 7th wedding anniversary (Oct 5th 2009) I went to see an ob/gyn after having a 55 day cycle with no period in site. Three days later after a trans-vag ultrasound showed a large cyst on my right ovary I was diagnosed with PCOD. Then the Dr. said not really actually you have metabolic syndrom X.

But my chart has me down as having PCOD. Confusing so online I went and found that to have syndrom X you have to meet several criteria two important ones being high triglycerides and high blood pressure. I have normal triglycerides and great blood pressure. My FSH and LH are off, and Insulin is 18 as well as the cyst and that is all the symptoms I have besides the aformentioned wonkey period (I had weird bleeding patterns before it just stopped completely all of which seemed to be set of by a steroid shot I got for sinus problems).

Anyway, she put me on Yaz and Avandia, and after two months I stopped both because I was getting no results except nausia, nausia, nausia. I never went back to her since she really didn’t even think I had PCOS( so therefor not a gyno problem) and why go back when she believed my best bet is an Endo anyway.

So I tried going back on a gluten free diet at the same time I started the meds and when I stopped the meds I stayed gluten free and have had progressivly longer but more painfull cycles. So I am up to a 27 day cycle which is good but the pain with this one is the worse since everything started.

Anyway, trying not to confuse too much here, sorry if I am. So I my husband got an appointment for me with an internist he has worked with (Hubby is an RN) and likes because my asthma has gotten alot worse durring all of this and I’ve been getting bouts of depression off and on, along with my stress level he thought I might have S.A.D.

So he also had my labs from the Gyno faxed over to the new MD and after having read alot on this board about how long it can take some to respond to the meds and the right dosage being so important I decided to ask her for Metformin and I also got some Welbutrin for the S.A.D. She was very nice and listened to my WHOLE medical history going back to when I was ten years old with my first period. I’ve always had bad painful periods but only recently did they get so completely erratic.

As a side note thankfully I was able to get pregnant very easily just a couple months after getting off BCP’s and my wonderful son was born four years ago in 2006. So now after all that I have experienced (way more than would fit here) I have come to the conclusion that my PCOD is a result of undiagnosed Celiac Sprue causing loads of inflammation and nutritional deficiency.

Every time I have gotten off the diet all my symptoms have worsened so I am on it now for good. Unfortunatly the damage is done and at this stage cannot be completely reversed. I am hopeing trying the regular metformin will be better than avandia since the new MD said she thinks my allergies to dyes and other things may mean that I had a problem with the binders in the avandia, so all the meds she gave me are the strait stuff. No binders to make them long release ect.

She is the first Dr. to even think of that and she also aknowledged all the research I had done and explained everything I had a questions about to my full satisfaction. Not to mention she scheduled a whole hour with me not just 5-15 mins. I didn’t feel like an assembly line gadget for once and that is nice. I hope I get good results this time and am in it for the long haul even if that means putting up with months of side effects till I get the meds and dosage right. I’m looking forward to getting in better shape so I can have a second child some day. This is day one back on meds, I just took my first dose a couple hours ago, 250mg twice daily is what she has prescribed to start with. If you have gotten this far thank you for getting to know me some, I hope I can get to know you too so that there may be an interchange of encouragement.

Want to connect with me? My name is Dafiloola on the SoulCysters Message Board.

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