I am 24 years old and have been on some kind of birth control pill for as long as I can remember. I used to get super heavy periods that were extremely painful to the point i couldn’t even move and would take 4+ painkillers per day. Birth control def helped that.

BUT.. I have been on YAZ for the past few years and recently changed my GYN [since I had a terrible reaction to a medication I was given and the prior office didn’t want to be bothered]. I was missing consecutive periods.. 3-4 months at a time and was told [by both doctors] that this was normal, because YAZ would make me have little to no period monthly. I personally was freaking out every month.

I then noticed that my left abdomen [mostly lower] became swollen and would stick out far past my right side. I knew something was wrong, because along with that I gained about 13 lbs in less than one month. I have always been in shape and always had a flat stomach, with abs even. Not anymore.

I couldn’t take it any longer so I took matters into my own hands and googled all of my symptoms. I saw hair loss was one, which I had been going to a hair specialist for. I also have excess hair as well. I decided to go to my doctor and explain to him that I may have PCOS. I was told to go for an u/s of abdomen and pelvic area. Before that even came along I went to GYN who felt cyst and scheduled me next day at her office for u/s.

Sure I have PCOS – I saw the rosary effect around my ovaries [odd because I had a rosary tattooed on my right side right by ovaries a month prior!] Also was told may have IBS. Went to gastro dr. and he suggested colonoscopy and believes my swelling may be from inflamed ovary taking up space where bowel should be. Will get blood results hopefully tomorrow and have been absolutely miserable and irritable since. I feel uncomfortable with the swelling and I am uncomfortable with how I look with the swelling.

Sorry this was so long, but it just goes to show that sometimes you need to do your own research. I am disappointed that my dr. thought it was unlikely I had this.. and that many people are so unaware of this. I certainly did not know about it until I assumed I had it. Best wishes to everyone on here… also if anyone knows of a good endocrinologist in New York or New Jersey.. please let me know!! I have read up on Dr. Geoffrey Redmond.. and have an apt. in May — but he does not accept insurance =(

Thank you for your time =)

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