Hi everyone My name is Bekah, I’m 21 and new to this site so please bare with me.

I found out I had PCOS at age 14 and was immediately prescribed BCP. I was on those for a few years until I didn’t have anymore insurance. I changed doctors a few times, and now I have a doctor who prescribed me metformin and spironolactone. Last time she did an ultrasound and blood work, she did find cysts. She told me I ovulate on my own, but not very often. I haven’t had anymore work done since being on the meds, it’s very hard finding insurance that will cover getting treated for PCOS, as everyone probably knows.

I watch children for a living as I am a full time college student preparing to be a teacher, and cannot get insurance through my employer, obviously, since it’s under the table. I recently applied for insurance and completely left out how I have PCOS, which means I’ll owe money later for what they don’t cover. Anyone have any advice on health insurance?

I applied for it for two reasons. One, the obvious reason of being out of medicine. The combination really works for me, it keeps my excess weight down, (I’m not over weight but it does help with extra water weight), it helps with facial hair and acne and keeps my cycles pretty regular (a miracle!)

The second reason I applied is because I’ve been having several PG symptoms. Symptoms I’ve never had before…and don’t know whether I can blame them on imbalanced PCOS hormones. I haven’t been TTC, but if it happened, of course I would welcome it. It would be a little earlier than planned but I’ve always been a highly motivated yet nurturing person so deep down I know it would all work out.

Here is where a few more questions come in. To the women with PCOS who have conceived, how long did it take you to get a positive pregnancy test? Did you get a positive HPT or did you have to get a blood test? My biggest fear, if I am pregnant, is miscarriage. I know all of you can relate to this fear.

If I were pregnant, I’d be about 3 weeks. Can you experience symptoms this early? As for my symptoms I don’t really have anyone to talk or relate to, not many people I talk to have PCOS. I have a doctor’s appointment July 6th, and I’m hoping my insurance goes through before then.

As for symptoms: sore breasts, constantly erect nipples (never experienced this), wider areolas, extreme fatigue, discharge, constipation, some nausea, cramping.

Haven’t had AF since may 23rd, but that doesn’t really tell me much considering the irregular cycles. I assume it’s too early for an HPT, I’m going to take a couple within the next 2 weeks until I go to the doctor.
Any advice/ personal stories would be great! It’s nice to find other women like myself… I’m very glad I found this board.

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