i am danielle and i was diagnosed in 2004 when i was 17, but never talked about future treatment, doc just said thats why you have never had a period and put me on bc,

i got married dec 2006 and started to look into it a little more after my husband had to take me to the ER because i had such bad cramps, the cramps were in fact cysts rupturing and my right ovary was the same size as my uterus becaus eit had so many cysts, started seeing a gyno when i moved to florida who put me on metformin last october,

but i felt sick all the time and had to take a myriad of supplements to combat the side affects so i quit taking it. I am trying to lose weight in hopes that it will help correct some of the PCOS symptoms, and i want to be a healthy weight before we really try to get pregnant…hence why i am here. I am 22 5’7″ 230#,

i am already physically active as i play rollerderby, but my eating habits, and drinking way to much soda have cause my wieght to increase, wish me luck, the hardest part i haev already started…no more soda, any advice or help is great i really think this site will help me stick with it, and within the next 2 years my DH and i can TTC and not have to hard of a time (fingers crossed) wish me luck


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