Hi all!

I’m 20 years old, 5’3” 125 lbs and have just been diagnosed with PCOS. I had irregular periods every since I started menstruating at 12. I would get my period for 2 weeks, and then start bleeding again 2 weeks later. So I would technically have a 28 day cycle, but with 14 days of bleeding.

At the age of 15, my obgyn put me on BCP. After developing high blood pressure, I was taken off of the pill about 4 months ago. Ever since then, my periods have more or less returned to the way they were before i went on the pill. I bleed very frequently, for different amounts of time. It’s very frustrating!

I went to the dr about 3 weeks ago, and he did a sonogram that showed indeed my ovaries are polycystic. He also did some blood work, but I haven’t heard anything back about it.

I’m not trying to conceive at this point, but would love to in the future. I’m just confused- most cases I have read about talk about women rarely getting their periods. I’m quite frequently getting mine.

Sometimes I go 1 week without a period, sometimes 3, sometimes 10 days, etc etc. Why is this? I thought NOT getting your period was typical of PCOS. I guess I’m just asking if anybody has gone through something similar and if getting my period frequently will make it any harder or easier for me to eventually start ovulating once I do decide to conceive(probably years from now!)

any info/support would be appreciated!


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