I am 34 years old and the mother of three children.

I recently started having irregular periods, heavy periods, thinning hair, acne, and facial hair. I told my gyno. about it, but she just wanted to put me on birth control and at that time I didn’t want to be on it due to all the side effects.

During that year (between my exams) I did my own research and basically diagnosed myself with PCOS. When I went back to the gyno. I told her I was having the same symptoms I had before and told her I wanted tested for PCOS. She told me that she didn’t think that was what I had and told me that she wouldn’t even test me for it unless there is a history of diabetes in my family.

After I told her my great grandfather, grandfather, aunt and uncle all have/had the disease, she tested me. They did a bunch of blood tests. One showed I had elevated male hormones and they were being made by my ovaries. So I was diagnosed with PCOS. They gave me an ultrasound and they saw all the cysts. The wanted to put me on loestrin 24 to control it.

I started taking it, but it had too many side effects for me. I recently went on a program called women to women, designed for women with hormonal imbalances. I have been trying to stay on a low-carb, low-sugar diet. I have lost about 12 pounds. I just went back to the gyno. for my yearly exam and they gave me another ultrasound. They said both of my ovaries have multiple cysts and that was it. They are not very concerned about it, but I am. I am afraid of ovarian cancer. Also does anyone have any tips on how to control your diet.

I am having a hard time avoiding sweets and my acne is out of control. Any suggestions?? I was told you could reverse insulin resistance, is this true?

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