I also posted this in the new members section but figured this was a better place to share my story.

I just discovered SoulCysters as a resource and I wish I’d known about it before!
I am currently very frustrated at my body and its inner workings. i’m also very frustrated at doctors.

Here is some of my history:
I am currently 24. Both of my parents have type 2 diabetes, and i’ve had irrregular periods ever since i got my first period. In high school i was put on birth control, but no one told me why and doctors never explained to me about PCOS. I was just told that my hormone levels weren’t leveled and i could probably stop the birth control ina few years.

I came to point where i wanted to stop the birth control but wanted to find out why I was even taking it in the first place. I called to inquire about my records and that’s when i was first told about PCOS. It was the first time i had even heard of it. But it wasn’t an affirmative diagnosis.

I didn’t think too much about it and stayed on the birth control for a good part of college. I eventually became diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis which i strongly believe the birth control contributed to indirectly. The birth control caused me to suffer from several yeast infections which i believe in turn lead to my inflammation. I didn’t realize the link between the bc and the yeast infections until much later however.

I attempted to stop bc several times because I did not want to be on it forever. However any time i stopped, my periods stopped completely. I stopped taking birth control again about a year ago after researching on links between vestibulitis and bc. I also wanted to get my hormone levels tested again and was told i’d have to be off of bc for a while before they could get an accurate reading. Stopping the bc once again made my periods stop. I have not had a period since July. I’ve also gained weight.

Once i got my blood work done, there was indeed evidence of heightened testerone. I also get a pelvic ultrasound done. No cysts. However the heightened testerone levels, lack of periods, weight gain all pointed in the direction of PCOS. Also i got my glucose and insulin levels tested. Glucose was normal but insulin was higher than normal indicating the beginnings of insulin resistance. (which also explains the weight gain)

That blood work was done a few months ago. Flash foward to today. I’ve been trying to lose weight for about 3 months now and attempting to eat low glycemic meals. I am so frightened about becoming diabetic. I have yet to lose any weight though. I’ve also noticed i have not had a single yeast infection since being off of my bc.

I’m also angry because i feel like my diagnosis of PCOS has kind of been brushed aside. When i approached my ob/gyn pelvic pain specialist about it, they said i don’t need to worry about it until i want to have children. When i approached my gp about it, he told me not to go on bc if i’m not having sex (i’m not) and told me to attempt to lose weight first before using metformin.

But he also didn’t seem that concerned overall. When approaching other ob/gyns about it, their main solution was bc and when i brought up the symptom of yeast infections and VVS, they disregarded it and assured me this wasn’t the case.

I’m just really frustrated in general. I feel like i dont have control of my body and I feel like doctors don’t seem to care. I don’t know whether seek out another ob/gyn or an endo. I’m scared they’ll just push medication on me. And every time i look at my body i just get depressed. I have huge purple stretch marks now on my bellly which def. seem indicative of some hormone imbalance.

Anyways, if you’ve read this far, thank you. I just need some advice and encouragement. I want to take charge of my life again.

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