Hi everyone.

I ran upon this group in a magazine I receive. I have been diagnosed with PCOS for numerous years. My doctors comment….If I would just lose weight I wouldnt have any problems. I cried. Anywho, I dont think my story is any different than anyone else’s here.

I am starting to learn that there are things one can do. ALong with taking Glucophage, smile. But I am getting frustrated, and so want to quit.

I go to the gym and work out for 2 hours, I quit smoking 3 months ago. I have made so many changes in my life and am not seeing any difference.

And to boot I have been taking fertility pills in attempts to have another child……talk about highs and lows.
OK I am going to stop the self pity here..

Thanks for letting me vent hope to make some new friends..I so have yahoo messenger if anyone wants to get together for a chat..

Want to connect with me? My name is mts1wildangel on the SoulCysters Message Board.