So here’s the deal. I am new to the site and just getting used to talking out about all my problems.

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS (7/09) and we have been TTC #1 for about 19 months. The doctor put me on metformin (2000mg a day) last month and now we are trying our first round of Provera and Clomid. They have me on 10mg of Provera for 10 days and then 50mg of Clomid for days 3-7. What I’m not clear on is…do I take the clomid after I get my period? I’m new to all of this stuff and I’m getting frustrated already that I have to try all these drugs because I can’t be lucky enough to get pregnant naturally.

I commend all of you ladies out there for trying so long and hard and to those of you that are pregnant finally congrats! and those of you that aren’t…lots of baby dust!!

Guess I failed to mention that my sister is due in Oct…she started trying almost a year after me and didn’t take her long to get pregnant…Why can’t I be completely happy for her??

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