This is my PCOS story and now everything makes perfect sense.

A late bloomer in every sense of the word I got my period when I was 15. For the first year, my periods were light and pain free. Then, the summer I turned 16 I was two weeks late – freak out! When I did get my period it was light as usual, but I kept spotting for six weeks.

When I told my mom, she was concerned and took me to a wonderful OBGYN. This Dr. immediately put me on BCP. The first month on BCP was hell! I would bleed heavily and the cramps were excruciating. I could feel the pain radiate down my legs. Every few months I would report to the Dr. how painful my cramps were and she would suggest a new pill formula to try. I have been through Othro NOvum 777, Othro Tri Cyclene, etc.

I finally settled on Ortho Cept. I continued on Othro Cept off and on until last year. Some years, especially during my single days, I would opt not to be on BCP. During those years, my period would come sporadically; every six months to every other month.

In May of 2008, I became engaged and my fiancé and I decided to stop using birth control and let nature take its course. The first 3 months after stopping the pill I had a regular cycle – yipee! Then nothing.

In January, I went to my Dr. because I had not had a period since October and two pregnancy tests were negative. I explained I am irregular and would like to have a child. I’m 33 and did not think I would have any problems since my mother was 35 when she had me.

I was given Prometrium to force a period and instructed to get blood tests before my period and on day 22. The results indicated high testosterone, classic PCOS.

Viola! My eyes are wide open now. I am thin but have severe seborrheicdermatitisof the scalp, acne around my jaw line, and mutant hairs on my chin and upper lip. All those issues I now know are a result of my PCOS.

I am on Metformin 1500 mg and hopefully that my cycle will regulate. The pessimist in me rears its ugly head often and I am plagued with thoughts of irreversible infertility. I have a difficult time seeing pregnant women out in public; I have to avert my eyes. I have a hard time explaining to anxious relatives when I will have kids because I do not think I will ever be able to.

Unfortunately, no one else in my family has had this diagnosis. I am the lucky duck I guess.

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