I was never really over-weight or had any issues until I was 18 (I’m now 23) then I started getting some hair issues, acne and started to gain weight slowly. Dr put me on BC because it got so I would NEVER get my period or if I did it’d be whacky.

Then my hubby (got married last year been together 5 years) We had a misscarriage and that was hard, and made us realize that we did want to try to have a baby. So I stopped taking my BC pills.. then I NEVER got my period unless enduced by taking Provera. Oh, I was also on Spirolactone to help with acne & hair.

But what I DIDN’T know (because dr didnt know I was TTC) she told me to stop taking Spiro, that you shouldnt take it while TTC. Anyways, We continued to try (without dr help) and back in 2009 we had yet another misscarriage… that was even more heartbreaking, so then I finally went and talked to DR. I had a HUGE cyst amlong many little little ones.

I had a cyst removal surgery back in Nov 2010 which she said would also help me TTC better. Then she put me on Metformin, many ladies say it helps not only with weight gain but also TTC (yes I was gaining weight and was overweight in 2010 and dr still helped me, she just said to “try” to loose some as it’d be healthier for pregnancy but yet didn’t deny help to me!) Anyways, had my surgery, started Metformin.

Also my DR said since I’ve gotten pregnant on my own without meds I msot likely wouldn’t need them but she asked me if I would like to try Clomid for the extra BOOST, well I didnt want to give up the extra chance for a baby so I accepted. Dr gave me Provera to enduce period, and Clomid i took CD3-7 and Jan 3 2011 we got the great news that we were expecting!!!!!

However, we didn’t try to get our hopes up incase of misscarriage until I got to the worry-less mark by 12 weeks. Then I stopped the Metformin, and we had a good pregnancy. Needless to say we’re now the proud parents of a happy, healthy precious baby girl Kaydence who’s now 4months old.

However, now I’m in sort of “depression” mode again (been battling it for a while now) because of my weight. Sadly, I’m 5’5″ and I’m now at a record high of 266lb I NEED to loose weight.. I’ve tried a few different things but it’s just so darn hard! I KNOW I need to watch what I eat better and really..REALLY cut down on my carbs since I LOVE carbs..breads,potatoes and esp PASTA (yummm).

Oh, and I’m back on BC (since we want to wait at least a few years to have another baby) but even with that my periods are still iffy on getting them regular. I’m thinking about talking to my DR and going back on Metformin, seeing how that did seem to help.. for the whole 2-3months I did take it haha. So, I might actually call her today.

I also think I’m going to switch BC as this one has no estrogen because I was going to breast-feed, but long story that didn’t go in my favor. I also think I’m going to start eating better and try to loose some weight. My regular DR not OBGYN had a talk with me last week because I mentioned my weight and he suggested if I WANTED if I go in for sleep study and get diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (which he thinks I have) then IF I WANT he said he’d reffer me to get gastro bypass surgery. Which, when he mentioned itI was like YEA that’d be GREAT! But then.. reading about it.. makes me sort of weary.. yes the weight loss would be AMAZING but.. ehh..

I’m not sure yet. Anyways, so that’s my story, and that’s my goals for this year!

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