Anyone out there ever taken Norethindrone for an extended cycle? Provera had not been working on me for the past few months at inducing a period, but I did start one on my own Feb 8th.

However, it never went away! I’ve had this problem from time to time, called my dr after almost a month, and he called in Norethindrone for me. It did not cause me to stop bleeding (not even sure I would classify this as a period), and it has now been 46 days. I called my dr yesterday, and have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am just trying to figure out what they will do for me after this…???????????

Any suggestions or heads-up comments would be great. I have done this in the past, but always was able to stop with medication. I’m a little scared, but I’m sure I have nothing to worry about. Also, I should mention, this time around, bleeding has been accompanied with severe abdominal pain.

Normally I just have mild discomfort. Thanks, ladies!!!

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