Well my story i guess starts like most but i have yet to be diagnosed. My medical benefits kick in next weeks so i’ll be on my way to the doc. Tell me what you think….

For starters I was one of the early bloomers. I had breat by 8 and started my period a week after I turned 11. By the time I was in 6th grade (11 years old) I had really large breast and was taller then everyone in my class and teased always. I would say the first year or so I do believe i had consistent periods. Then around the seventh grade, 12 years old i noticed that every other month or so i would miss my period.

Of course i wasn’t sexually active ( not until 18) so i thought something was wrong. I’ve always been the girl who was determined tha her sole purpose in life was to have children so even at such a young age i thought that I would have a problem. Always told, no period, no baby!

Needless to say I went on through school with a period here and a period there. some really long and heavy and some very short and light,,, never consistant. URRGGh! I hated having to carry a tampon around everyday because i didn’t know.

Around age 13 I began to get these very painful boils under my armpits. Doctors told me it was an infection in my sweat glands but noting they could do about it. Just put warm compress and call it a day. Fastfoward to almost ten years later……..

I had a sweat condition called Hidradenitis Suppourtiva…………any one heard? It is one of the most misearble conditions ever. Oh yeah and i diagnosed myself originally after surfing the net. Then my doc said your right. I had some sweat glands removed jsut for the boils to come back within days. I always thouht it was attributed to hormones but the docs said no.

Let see whats next… oh around 2003 i moved from my home town to cincinnati about three hours away. Within a year i had gain around 40lbs. My doc was concerned. Took test for diabetics and tyroid both came back negative. I was just greedy and fat he said. (basically) Around that time I started to notice thick hairs growing from my chin and neck and sideburns.

I just though must be a hormone imbalance since my periods have always been messed up. It has been so embarrasing. I pluck, shave, wax what every i can do to keep from looking like a man. This is the only issue I haven’t discussed with my doc but long story , loss of benifits and things like that so i haven’t been to the doc in about 2years. I have have acanthosis nigricans on my neck, underarms and thighs.

Even more embarrasing especially with the males. I finally lost some weight about a year ago from walking at work (manual job). I was walking 10+ miles per day so about 35 pounds dropped off. As soon as i left that job it came right back on. Im not a huge eater and i work out at least twice a week and walk a lot but it still came back.

Well I’ve always seen the PCOS over the years but didn’t know for sure until i went on a site the other day and saw the skin problems as an issue. Also me and my ex tried to get pregnant for about a year and a half and nothing. I’ve never been pregnant at all! I think i have PCOS!!!!

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