I suppose like many others I started lurking here awhile ago and have just now decided I should join.

The posts here have helped me feel not alone and I just want to become part of the “community”
Here’s my story in a nutshell.

I was diagnosed in 1999 when my mom saw an ad in the paper and called me at college and said “Glenna, I think this is what you have!!”

For years my periods were irregular to non-exsistant, when they did happen they were horrible and I started getting facial hair at 15.

So I trotted myself in, article in hand and got my diagnosis after an ultrasound confirmed my ovaries looked like bunches of grapes.

I’ve been on BCPs now for 10 years.

Well my real PCOS drama started last November when I got my AF on 11/10/07 and it didn’t stop, at all until 1/4/08. On a new BCP I went and then come April 2008 I started have LRQ pain in a serious fashion. To make a long story short (that I can tell later) I had this cyst that started out at 5cm and after many ultrasounds, CTs,visits to the RE, 5 months of Lupron Depot shots the thing had grown instead of shrunk and off to the Rep. Oncologist I went.

And in September of this year I had aunilateral salpingo oophorectomy on the right side. The tumor had attached itself to my bladder,uterus and pelvic wall. My surgery went really well though and I recovered remarkably fast and well. Needless to say though those 6 months were terrifying and it was horrible trying to find information about other 27yr olds that were going through this.

I’ve started having pains again in my LRQ and have an appt to get that checked out.

Aside from that my goals are to naturally get my IR under control,get some weight off and then become a mommy. That isnt asking all that much eh?

Oh and hopefully find some sort of permanant hair removal because shaving every day is really cutting into my sleep time.

Ok. Enough out of chatty cathy.
I’m just glad to be able to type this somewhere. Whether anyone reads it or not.

Want to connect with me? My name is glennagiraffe on the SoulCysters Message Board.