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Since I was younger I have always had horrible cramps during my period, and most of the times vomiting. I am 21 right now, and have untouchable acne whatever the dermotologist prescribes does not work. I still have really bad periods. I also miscarried last year at 14 weeks.

I have 3 or 4 hair that grow on my chin, and quite the side burns (not fun). I have anxiety attacks, Im over weight by about 40 lbs. My periods are erratic but still come every month, but sometimes they are 34 days between. On one side of my head, my hair has begun to thin, I get pretty mood, all of a sudden i will feel so angry, and i don’t know why.

Also, i don’t know if this is relevant but i keep getting boils on my hips, armpits, and bum. Can anyone with PCOS relate? My doctor did check my FSH levels, which were normal.. Next we are checking my progesterone.

Should I call my doctor and just get her to somehow check for PCOS or should i let her carry on with her testing, i don’t exactly know WHAT she is looking for, but at least she is trying.

Please help. <3

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